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My favourite thing is to go where I’ve never been. – Diane Arbus

September 20th, 2010 No comments

You like a sailor
With a wondering heart
Have been hiking out
On the sea of life
Riding winds and the tide
Suspending your mind.

Like a cautious bird
Frightened by
A shift in the wind,
Are the white gull fleeting
Up into the troubled sky
To a slight clearing
Almost disappearing.

Like the crest in a wave
On life’s enduring sea
Are often turbulent
And searching
To find the sandy shore
Nothing more.

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September 9th, 2010 No comments

Miles and miles …
Of dust and tumbleweeds
Traveling along bumpy roads
Daylight headlights
In the distance
Where purple mountains’ majesty
Loom in the glorious sky
Where Nevada winds blow

They know no different …
Desert rats in a maze
Junkyards of life’s memories
That might bring someone a day’s pay
Old rusty carcasses of cars, flat tires
Naugahyde and beer bottles
Tell a tale, like the stench
Of a depressing Casino
Where people play day after day

And the RVs keep on moving …
And the smiles survive
They watch curiously and wait
Placing their bets on whether
It’s a ’60’s Bentley or Rolls.
Cautiously, yet with ease
They speak to foreigners
Too curious not to find out
Yet friendly enough
To wave hello

You say you love the desert …
The cactus and old Santa Fe tracks
With the centipede-like train
Winding its way through the hills
In the distance, cotton ball clouds
In the rear view sunset
Make their way for the moon
To hover above
And light the way in the night

Near the border …
You tell me you’re ready
For a scotch and me.
And have been all day
You drink in life’s pleasures
Caress and excite
Give and take me
Then we sleep ’till dawn
And I love to be

Around noon …
Just like you said
In the middle of nowhere
By a railroad crossing
Stands the now deserted gas station
Your quest quenched like your thirst
You wonder who took the old gas pumps
“And Chuck…he’s dead,” said the old man

Later that night at home …
Reflecting over fine red wine
You remind yourself and me
One should never go back to old times
And I think it’s so sad but true
As I look at your photograph
On the calendar
From four years before

Kristin DeAnn Gabriel, February 1989

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The Desert of Love

September 5th, 2010 No comments

You’re a desert flower
that blooms late at night
The fragrance lingers
into the morning light

You’re like water in the desert
To a hard working boy
Badly in need
Badly in need
of romance
Ohh…give love a chance

Let me fall into your mind
then quench my desire
Just touching you
sets my heart on fire

Let me drink in life’s pleasures
it’s not wrong or right
You know how passion
is so hard to fight

I can smell love coming
The heat is really on
Uhhh, ohh, uhhh ohh
When I’m think’n of you
I get so turned on

Look into my soul
and tell me what you see
Put out those flames
and set my spirit free

Like water in the desert
love is so hard to find
The chance for romance
is all in the mind

Like flames in a fire
to a sad lonely girl
Badly in need
Badly in need
of romance
Ohh…give love a chance

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