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Engaging in Mobile Marketing

December 24th, 2010 No comments

The future of technology and marketing is about mobile smart phone apps, their multiple layers, and engagement. Morgan Stanley forecasts more consumers will access the Internet by mobile devices than PC’s in five years, while analysts are predicting that people will use their phones for mobile money transfers; location-based services; search and browsing; health monitoring; bill payment; Near Field Communication (NFC) services; advertising;  music, and instant messaging.

The CTIA Wireless Association states that 250+ million Americans carry mobile phones – over 80 percent of the population in the United States. But China and India are leading the world with the most mobile subscriptions. In October 2010 the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) said these two countries added 300 million new mobile subscriptions in 2010 alone.

According to ABI research, the market for mobile marketing and advertising would reach $19 billion by 2011. Now on the cusp of exploding, the global opportunity is huge, and marketers need to be thinking about mobile apps and strategic search marketing for their customers. Online companies like and is doing a terrific job in this area.

Google’s Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt recently talked about the new Near Field Communication (NFC) chips at the San Francisco Web 2.0 Summit. Schmidt believes, “mobile first” is our future. The chips are embedded in smart phones which are location specific and network aware, in addition to knowing more about users. These are turning the cell phone into a security devise with more power than a desktop computer — creating mobile devices that are payment systems, eventually replacing credit cards.

What’s more search marketing is likely to morph again very soon, as smart phone technology will track where you are, what you need, and all the stores nearby where you can purchase the items. Access will be by applications. There are already more than a half-million apps. Imagine all the tie-ins for mobile marketing, social media marketing and advertising. Currently the most used mobile apps in the US include news; games; maps; social networking and music. (Facebook, Google Maps and The Weather Channel (TWC). By the year 2013, the demand for mobile apps downloads is expected to peak. This trend is being tapped as “M-marketing,”

As apps continue to grow, search engine marketing will get exponentially bigger as a rapidly growing global mobile audience will be ripe for everything from edutainment, lifestyle, and medical advice apps. You Tube is currently receiving 35 hours of uploaded videos a minute. As a strategic customer relationship management (CRM) tool this new engagement vehicle will drive customers to retail outlets and point of purchase through mobile loyalty programs, promotions, contests and trackable, measurable mobile advertising.  And the good news is that is’s all about increased revenues.

If you are in business, then you need to prepare now, for dealing with customers in an entirely new way in the future. MarCom New Media is already deeply involved with guiding our clients towards developing mobile apps, permission-based search marketing, social media and new media PR. Check out our work in MarCom’s new social media press room. We also have the inroads for partnering with the companies and platforms behind the scenes that are making all of these exciting new socially engineered technologies happen to reach customers today in a better way.  And just a word to the wise, it is way too hard for you to try to go it alone. Call MarCom New Meida at 323.650.2838 or go to 

To watch the hour long interview, “A Conversation with Eric Schmidt” with John Battelle (Federated Media Publishing), and Tim O’Reilly (O’Reilly Media, Inc.).

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