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September 9th, 2010 No comments

Miles and miles …
Of dust and tumbleweeds
Traveling along bumpy roads
Daylight headlights
In the distance
Where purple mountains’ majesty
Loom in the glorious sky
Where Nevada winds blow

They know no different …
Desert rats in a maze
Junkyards of life’s memories
That might bring someone a day’s pay
Old rusty carcasses of cars, flat tires
Naugahyde and beer bottles
Tell a tale, like the stench
Of a depressing Casino
Where people play day after day

And the RVs keep on moving …
And the smiles survive
They watch curiously and wait
Placing their bets on whether
It’s a ’60’s Bentley or Rolls.
Cautiously, yet with ease
They speak to foreigners
Too curious not to find out
Yet friendly enough
To wave hello

You say you love the desert …
The cactus and old Santa Fe tracks
With the centipede-like train
Winding its way through the hills
In the distance, cotton ball clouds
In the rear view sunset
Make their way for the moon
To hover above
And light the way in the night

Near the border …
You tell me you’re ready
For a scotch and me.
And have been all day
You drink in life’s pleasures
Caress and excite
Give and take me
Then we sleep ’till dawn
And I love to be

Around noon …
Just like you said
In the middle of nowhere
By a railroad crossing
Stands the now deserted gas station
Your quest quenched like your thirst
You wonder who took the old gas pumps
“And Chuck…he’s dead,” said the old man

Later that night at home …
Reflecting over fine red wine
You remind yourself and me
One should never go back to old times
And I think it’s so sad but true
As I look at your photograph
On the calendar
From four years before

Kristin DeAnn Gabriel, February 1989

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Kristin Gabriel’s Writing Biography

September 1st, 2010 No comments
Writer Kristin Gabriel

Known as the communicator, Kristin Gabriel has visionary ideas that have put people, companies and products on the map for years. As a highly accomplished marketing and corporate communications consultant and writer, she has a solid track record of delivering outstanding revenue-driven results for corporations, agencies and client projects, with special focus to emerging security technologies, high tech, biotech, health care and consumer brands.
Brand Experience
The Interface Financial Group, SoftKrypt, Trend Micro Corporation, Applied DNA Technologies, Inc. Origin Oil, Amgen, Inc., CyberMedia Corporation, Panda USA, Symantec Corporation, American Honda Motor Company Motorcycles/ All Terrain Vehicles, MJB Company, Chesebrough-Ponds, and Union Carbide Eveready Batteries.
Selected Capabilities/Highlights
– Developed branding/ marketing strategy and wrote website and all documentation for EasyKrypt encryption software from SoftKrypt.
– Increased online ranking and revenues via search marketing strategies for The Interface Financial Group. Write all corporate marketing and press materials, weekly blog, and articles.
– Supported increasing company revenues from $780 to $1.2M from 2006-2009 for client The Wiley Protocol bio-identical hormones using cutting–edge online search and social media marketing strategies. Wote all marketing and PR materials.
– Consulted with Fortune 500 global anti-virus company Trend Micro Incorporated and implemented highly successful search marketing project during the 2010 launch of Titanium product roll-out. Wrote 14 articles per month for months.
– At Panda U.S. our marketing team helped increase revenues by 35 million during the year after we launched their new product line, and managed PPC campaign strategies. Wrote marketing driven email campaigns and press materials.
– Developed initial corporate branding and marketing communications strategy for publicly-held biotech company, Applied DNA Sciences (OTCBB: APDN), a provider of embedded DNA biotechnology anti-counterfeit and fraud solutions, which garnered a higher market-entry valuation. Wrote all marketing and press materials.
-Trained and supervised six-person corporate communications team at Influence Communications using self-developed Outstanding Success corporate communications training program. Wrote teacher and training guides for program.
– Executed a corporate communications IR/PR program for CyberMedia Corporation entailing investor relations, corporate and product public relations. Wrote marketing and press materials with team. Achieved an overall doubling of the company’s valuation which led to acquisition by Network Associates.
– Responsible for strategy and launch of the Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC). Results from the consumer campaign for Virus Awareness Month at SARC from February 15, 1997 through March 31, 1997, achieved a total of 55,282,791 million audience impressions within print and broadcast media.

Gabriel’s writing capabilities have been honed into digital work ranging from technical manuals and white papers to marketing and press materials. Corporate writing projects include writing business plans, training manuals, white papers, ad copy, and email marketing campaigns. She continues to ghostwrite client blogs, and publishes optimized online articles and electronic press releases for clients. She has written website copy for,,, and www.ifgnetwork,.com, among others. In a brief tenure she was editor in chief for the Amgen in-house newsletter.

She has also written numerous training and industrial video scripts and student guides for companies including The Office Depot, The Orange County Sanitation Department, Shell Oil Company, Maidstone Wines and Spirits (Kahlua brand), HomeClub and Personal Finance Company, Nissan, Enron Oil Company, HSC Software, Panda U.S. antivirus software, and others.

Gabriel’s feature stories have been published in a variety of magazines through the years including New Woman, ID World, and The Digital Alley magazines, and on countless blogs and article websites.

A native of Albuquerque, New Mexico, during her career, Gabriel spent ten years in New York City and now lives in Los Angeles, California. A graduate of Mills College, California, Kristin received her B.A. degree in communications with a minor in art history. She has been a member of the Independent Writers of Southern California (IWOSC).

Contact: Kristin Gabriel
T: 323.650.2838; C: 213.840.6978

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