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Commercialization: Early Stage Branding of a Technology Company

If you have an exciting new company with cool technology and or products, then it may be time to position your technology for commercialization. The dilemma lies NOT in whether or not your stuff is better than anyone else out there in the global marketplace, but whether or not you have proven the concept, and then branded it for commercialization.

If you have tested the technology and or product and have received a good reception and maybe even a little initial market traction, then you are ready to go to market. Up until now, your focus has been primarily on the technology. Commercialization requires a unique skill set — early stage branding: the key to attracting partners, licensees, and potential investors, and then down the road, getting your target customers.

Every business needs a brand. A strong brand will make you more successful with all your target communities. Some of the basic yet essential components of early stage branding will include this point. Who are you trying to reach next? This may not necessarily mean those who will eventually be your target customers – it could simply be the next audience your organization needs in order to move ahead and get strategic partners, for instance:
• Research partners
• A bigger company
• An original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
• A laboratory, or a prestigious university
• Co-development partners to lend credibility
• An early adopter
• A high-profile customer
• Licensors for all or part of your intellectual property (IP)
• Private investors, who will help fund operations
• Institutional investment capital and/or a government grant
• Acquisition

And despite all of the above targets, one thing remains constant – you’ll need a strong name, a website, collateral materials, search engine optimization (SEO), marketing, and public relations, etc. BUT it is useless to create these core marketing tools without the correct brand messaging.

A year ago, MarCom New Media, an integrated marketing firm in Los Angeles, landed a project to brand a company named Softkrypt and their encryption product called EasyKrypt. The team at MarCom struggled for a while about whether or not to keep the name of their first product – EasyKrypt. Ultimately, the decision was made to keep the name, and we bought multiple domain names with the term “krypt” in it for future marketing activities. We also branded another future product called EasyKloud.

Here is the challenge with a new company and a new product. We did not have an answer yet to an important question: What is the current perception in the marketplace? However, most companies have competitors, and this is the place to start. There’s nothing more important than looking at the marketplace. What are the competitor’s taglines, key messages, and customer perceptions? Today’s social media gives marketers the answers about what people think. And ultimately brands need to be relevant to every constituency.

The next step is positioning the company to differentiate what it offers in a clear, compelling way. Marketers must:

• Create a well-defined overall brand and value proposition.
• Show how your company is unique.
• Position yourself as part of a solution to a bigger picture problem.
• Create separate messages for each target group to build credibility.
• Demonstrate knowledge of end users.
• Look at each type of influencer and/or decision maker.
• Begin using customer testimonials to tell the story

It is virtually impossible for a technology company to develop their own websites, marketing materials, and manage public relations and social media strategies. Why? Because inventors or developers do not have the mindset or skills. Most of the time other people look at their collateral materials and ask, “What is it that this company has to offer again?”

This is one of the basic marketing services that MarCom New Media manages. If you wondered what data encryption software technologies are all about, go to the website that we created, and see if you “get” what this product does. And then check out the SoftKrypt corporate video production that MarCom produced when the company was seeking funding.

Other examples of our work include client websites for The Interface Financial Group, and Herbalix Restoratives organic skin care products. And of course, we have honed and pioneered excellent search engine optimization techniques that set us way above the others. Check out just a few of our client SEO Case Histories.

Then once the basics have been done, and your company and/or technology and products are on their way to being branded to your target audiences, MarCom can assist you with public relations. Recently we got a story for our client The Plan Collection in the Wall Street Journal–Blueprint for a Custom Home.

Our rates are fair, so email us at to start a conversation about how the MarCom New Media team ( can help your company prosper.

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